• InMan: Why Data Accuracy Matters

    Rick Jarvis recently wrote an article for InMan on the critical need for data accuracy, and not a moment too soon. Data accuracy is at the center of the inRentive mission.

    When we first started out in the brokerage space, we contributed to the problem. For many in real estate, keeping consumers in the dark is a critical part of their business model. Confusion breeds dependency; its how real estate leasing has worked for decades. At some point, we asked ourselves: “what would happen if the properties had the same tools that brokers have?,” and that lead us down the path to inRentive.

    There are those that are going to focus on the consumer search experience—the surface layers, if you will— and they should. There’s a lot to be done there. We, however, are focused on the information that powers those searches, and that all begins with data accuracy.

    Full Article on InMan

  • #AptChat: What Apartment Marketers Want from ILSs

    #Aptchat had an interesting discussion not long ago on What Aparment Marketers Want from Internet Listing Services.

    One of the more salient exchanges happened when #Aptschat asked this question:

    “How do you manage data quality across your ILSs (and their distribution partners)? Do your ILSs do enough to tie into your property management software?”

    The replies were not very positive:

    It’s a small, yet telling example of the need for comprehensive tools for easily handling apartment listing data. Current industry attempts at tackling seem to be back-firing. I think everyone could agree, we still have work to do!

    Check out the full discussion.


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